Criteria For Cancelling An Order

If your purchase is for “same-day delivery,” you have 30 minutes after confirmation of your order to cancel it. The consumer can submit a cancellation request beyond 30 minutes. 

Still, Zahra Jabeen’s rules on brands, vendors, sellers, and distributors, as well as the delivery schedules of shipping companies, determine whether the request may be approved.

If a customer requests an unpaid COD order, we will cancel the order without any questions.

Orders that have been paid can be cancelled for any reason within 48 hours of the order confirmation if the cancellation request is made.

We will reimburse the full payment without dispute if cancellation is notified within 48 hours after purchase confirmation.

After 48 hours of confirmation of the order,Zahra Jabeen reserves the right to charge 25% of the order value as labour, production, and resources due to partner brands in the event of a cancellation request for paid made-to-order. 

Zahra Jabeen will take 50% of your paid amount as the cost of production, labour, and resources if you decide to cancel your order after it has been finished or is in the final stages of production and received at our warehouse.

Suppose the Zahra Jabeen team or the designer’s social media platforms have pre-informed the client of a delay in delivery. 

In that case, the consumer has the option to notify and have their purchase cancelled within a 24-48-hour time limit if the delay is from the designers’ end.

If a cancellation is made after 48 hours, Zahra Jabeen has the right to levy a fee.

Zahra Jabeen reserves the right to take 25 percent of the entire purchase as a charge for the cost of manufacturing, labour, and equipment paid to designers and partner brands if you cancel your Customised/made-to-order outfit after this period.

‘Change of mind’ as a justification for cancelling a made-to-order outfit may result in a 10% to 15% fee being imposed on the item’s overall cost.

Customers who choose to pay by bank deposit must clear the pending balance within seven business days, or we will cancel their order.

Within 72 hours after receipt of the order, Zahra Jabeen will contact the client to inform them that they must pay their remaining balance within that period or cancel the transaction. 

Zahra Jabeen has the right to keep a customer’s merchandise if the remaining balance isn’t paid by the deadline. Following that, Zahra Jabeen can cancel the order and return it to the brand. Zahra Jabeen

Zahra Jabeen provides the client with product photographs for quality verification when a product is created to order. At this stage, Zahra Jabeen will only accommodate customer requests for adjustments. 

An order that has already been processed by the brand and sent to us following your order number cannot be cancelled or exchanged by the client at this stage.

Zahra Jabeen will contact consumers through email if a brand, designer, or vendor has to modify a last-minute delivery date. 

Cancellation requests can be made within 48 hours of receiving an email notification from Zahra Jabeen or through any of our social media channels. Zahra Jabeen holds no responsibility for the production capacity/speed of brands/designers/vendors.



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